Benjamí Oller-Salvia - Program leader

I am a devoted educator and researcher. My scientific interests lie in merging chemistry and bioengineering to develop biomolecules and nanosystems for biomedical applications. I am an Assistant Professor at IQS and I hold "La Caixa" Junior Leader Fellowship. I lead the research program on Peptide & Protein Engineering for Targeted Nanotherapeutics (PPTN) associated to the Materials Engineering Group (GEMAT).

I am driven by the wish to achieve a better and more sustainable world by means of technological and social transformation. I keep my energy balance through martial arts, running, hiking, and gardening.

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Roberta (Beba) Lucchi - PhD candidate in Bioengineering

I come from Rome with a Biotechnology background. At IQS, I will be working on the development of nano-biotherapeutics for systemic delivery to brain cancer. In the future, I would like to use all my knowledge to increase our understanding of cancer and to contribute to the development of innovative and more efficient therapies.


In my free time, I enjoy visiting historical places and art museums, as well as relaxing in nature, reading and cooking.


Maria Celia (Mace) Lucana Meneses - PhD candidate in Bioengineering

I am a chemist and I am working on the development of peptides for biomedical applications. More precisely, I focus on the generation of cyclic peptides for the targeting of nanotherapeutics.

In my spare time, I enjoy embroidery, knitting, and drawing. I also like music; I play the clarinet and I am learning to play the guitar.

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Emilia (Emi) Petrachi - PhD candidate in Bioengineering

I am a molecular biologist with a chemical background and I am deeply interested in biomedicine. My work will be focusing on the development of targeting ligands for cancer therapy

In my leisure time, I enjoy playing volleyball, traveling, and learning new languages.

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Sandra Prat Castro - MSc candidate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

I am a totally vocational pharmacist, I love science and I’m interested in both the chemical and biological domains. I would love to become a great researcher and contribute to the advancement of new therapies. Right now I am working on my master's degree project based on the development of activatable antibody targeting therapies for drug delivery to cancer cells.


In my free time I like to practice a wide variety of sports, mainly running, gym, paddle and ballet. I love both the beach and the mountains. In addition, I love to spend time with my family and friends and I will never get tired of discovering new corners of Barcelona.

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Yolanda Arruga Torres - MSc candidate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

I am an IQS chemistry student currently dabbling in nanobiology as part of a joint effort to develop a possible treatment for glioblastoma. I hope to contribute with my chemical knowledge to solve challenges in nanomedicine coatings and BBB-shuttle peptides.


I wind down by designing and making clothes and jewellery, as well as baking or cooking. Occasionally, I also enjoy riding and caring for horses.

We team up with Prof. Salvador Borrós, Dr. Martí Lecina, and the other members of the Materials Engineering Group (GEMAT, https://gemat.iqs.edu/en_US/) sharing our expertise in peptide and protein development and learning from their knowledge in biomaterials engineering.

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Noelia Hernández Lobato

Inés Peciña Vaquero

Alejandro García Torrado

Marc Relats Camps

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Albert Roig Martínez

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Jordi Bentanachs Raset

Mei Gascón Burillo


Marc Sabartés Mirabete


Maria Garcia Sagarra

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